Dear residents, visitors and lovers of Braj-mandal

The holy land of Braj-Vrindavan is in great need and we have the chance to protect it. This page has been created to introduce you to the transcendental nature of Braj- Vrindavan, its current problems and some potential solutions. You will also find a lot of Braj-nectar and information about the different organizations and groups which are serving Vrindavan in one way or another. Welcome and Act Now! for Braj-Vrindavan

  • Our aim is to develop Vraja according to the Indian culture and the religious faith of Braj.Our prime minister wants to develop even the small lanes of Braj as a Heritage lane where Krishna walked barefooted
    Sri Mahesh Sharma
    Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
  • Krishna was a primordial environmentalist. This is my way of worshiping him. One who serves Braj serves Krishna
    Vineet Narain
    CEO The Braj Foundation
  • One who is devoted to Krishna can never be callous towards the environment, because Krishna himself loves nature
    Ranchor Prime
    Spiritual writer, illustrator and publisher
  • One can certainly say that Krishna is central in Indian art forms, such as music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, etc., and may be considered India's unique contribution to world culture. Braj has the distinction of being Krishna's home, and the home of the rasalila wherein Krishna's play is still brought to life today
    Shrivatsa Goswami Ji Maharaja
    Director of Sri Chaitanya Prema Samsthana
  • Here I am now sitting in New York, the world’s greatest city, but my heart is always hankering after that Vrindavan (Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita, Vol 5, page 249)
  • We pledge to the Government of India to obtain World Heritage Status for whole Braj Mandal or at least for the main places of pilgrimage of Vrindavan, Varsana, Nanda Gao, Govardhan, among others. They have to recognize the importance of this holy site and give a special protection. The Hindus of the future need to know about this medieval Vrindavan and Braj Mandal to feel proud of their history and legacy. On that way, Bharat can show its deep culture to the whole world

    Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti
    Founder of VRINDA and Director of Braj-Vrindavan Act Now!
  • "No one has thought of developing this village (Raval). I am determined to restore Raval to its original glory. The village will symbolize women's empowerment"  
    Hema Malini
    Member of Parliament for Mathura

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