The entire region of Braj Mandal possesses a unique cultural treasure and spiritual heritage that should be protected by both the government of India and the United Nations, so that spiritual pilgrimage can be promoted in an organized and sustainable manner. The central and local governments (particularly the Ministry of Tourism) should be responsible for the improvement of streets, the organization of traffic, the treatment of sewage water, the cleaning of the Yamuna River, the efficient management of garbage, and the harmonious growth of the city. In this way, Braj Mandal and particularly Vrindavan, can become model sites of spiritual inspiration in the Hindu tradition, characterized by the beauty of simple living partnered with high thinking.


Our mission is to preserve the cultural and spiritual heritage of Vrindavan and Braj Mandal which are uniquely found in the world. This treasure should be protected for all Hindus, in Bharat and around the world; who have to Act Now! for their Holy City which is being totally neglected in spite of its great importance to the Hindu tradition.

We are servant-activists and we believe that we are all one family, in which Lord Krishna is inviting all souls to fall in love with Him. We love Braj Mandal-Vrindavan and want to ensure that this unique place will be protected. We are ready to accept the help of whoever wants to give a helping hand to protect Braj Mandal and Vrindavan Dham.

save yamuna

Yamuna Ji should come back to the old ghats of Vrindavan