General objectives

  • To let the world know of the cultural and spiritual importance of Vrindavan as the cradle of Hinduism.
  • To describe the main challenges currently affecting Braj Mandal and Vrindavan.
  • To identify several proposals to solve the problems outlined.
  • To enumerate and promote the different levels of benefits that would be created once Vrindavan becomes a culturally protected city.
  • To create mass awareness campaigns for the betterment of Vrindavan.

Specific Objectives

  • To obtain protection of Braj-Vrindavan’s heritage from the central and local government by establishing it as a “tirtha or pilgrimage area,” “spiritual tourism location,” or as a “special protected zone.”
  • To achieve the status of either the medieval town of Vrindavan or all of Braja Mandal’s holy places as a World Heritage Site.
  • To create proposals that will help to solve the major problematic issues affecting Vrindavan such as: the lack of proper garbage disposal, the lack of treatment of sewage water that flows into the Yamuna River, the poor organization of traffic in the city, the restoration of the ancient ghats and kundas of the area, the need for a reforestation of the river banks in front of the Keshi Ghat and the creation of a standardized system of touristic pilgrimage for the region.
  • To guide and encourage all public social figures (central and local government, businessmen, spiritual leaders, administrators, activists, artists, honorable citizens, guardians of Vrindavan, humble Brijvasis and lovers of Braj from Indian and from all over the world) to join and support Act Now! in any way possible to support a real revolution for the protection of the holy Dham.