Due to the lack of active solutions for Vrindavan and the Braj Mandal, the “Vrindavan Act Now Platform” was created. All the efforts that were previously made to connect the government’s work with the private parties have failed. So we deemed necessary to put the spotlight on the different difficulties of Vrindavan and Braj Mandal to promote some response both from the public as well as from the authorities.


Many people throughout the years have made many efforts for overall improvement of the historic sites of Vrindavan. This will be recognized in the reports of this site, nevertheless we cannot hide the negligence that is causing environmental disasters.

If you are interested in participating in the efforts of Vrindavan Act Now, either as an individual or as an organization, or if you are with the government, please send us a report of whatever improvement you are doing so that we can publicize it for the benefit and joy of all.

If you would like a public presentation of some situation to get attention or would like to request donations for any improvements, you may call the Vrindavan Act Now team and if available, we can send our drama troop to perform a presentation, so they can share with the public important information, so that the public can become well informed and aware of the current situation of the holiest place of Lord Krishna.