VIP guardians

Vrindavan needs real VIP guardians for its protection

Braj Vrindavan has a group of outstanding people who are trying to make the difference and to support the holy dham’s development in one way or another. We call them VIP guardians because that is what they really are.

Hence,, there are many situations Braj Mandal is facing nowadays which are destroying its heritage. The pillars in the middle of the holy Yamuna river which are poisoning the groundwater are a clear example. That is why we need more VIP guardians whose power and impact in today’s society can achieve real solutions for the dham.

Donors to different projects related to Braj’s development are also considered VIP guardians. They receive a Mungeer Rajaward for their contribution in any of the three categories.

It is a wonderful chance to be part of the major efforts to restore and protect the greatest world heritage site that exists. The real purpose of our effort is to promote this.

Be part of the solution, it is your time to ACT NOW!

Meet our CIVIL VIP guardians and SPIRITUAL VIP guardians.