There is still many sacred shrines and important antique buildings constructed by kings which were later abandoned by them when they lost power in their respective kingdoms after the independence of India, which unfortunately are now standing in ruins and are being used as garbage dumps or by people who squat there for their biological necessities, giving an unpleasant sight when the parikrama passes by.

With so many old beautiful places, if the identity of some owners could be found out, we could readopt and restore them bringing them back to life. Unfortunately many of these places are mostly destroyed. The government should be responsible for these buildings for conservation and aesthetics of Vrindavan.

In the event the owner of the building does not show up or does not have the economic capacity to undertake any restoration, the government should take control of the building or find a qualified party who can restore the building bringing it back to its original beauty. There is great need to save Vrindavan from huge modern development that would change completely the landscape turning it into like a Delhi neighborhood where everybody competes to have the classiest building. That change of landscape would make Vrindavan lose its medieval beauty making it a modern hotchpotch mix match.