The reforestation of Vrindavan is one of the urgent issues that require immediate attention. This can still be done across the Yamuna River. Unfortunately, when people circulate in the streets there is little or no protection for the old sacred trees of Vrindavan. Since the monkey population is large, small trees have a very hard time growing. It is very important to give protection to the trees considering that Vrindavan is a name of a forest and its history reminds us of a forest. There are very few private forests left, and developers are pushing in every direction trying to eliminate these last small properties with trees to construct buildings there. There needs to be urban development restrictions in order to save the remaining trees and try to grow trees wherever possible.

Originally there was a green area around Vrindavan, going from Raman Reti to Catikara Road which unfortunately has been totally abandoned and is now one of the biggest development areas in the zone. The original forest areas should be preserved by the government on the other side of the Yamuna