Many attempts have been made in Vrindavan to counteract the effects of the changes of course of the Yamuna river after the monsoons and efforts have also been made to clean up the garbage coming from the town of Vrindavan into the Yamuna river. We have installed grills in the outlets of the black waters, to stop solid waste from sewage being poured into the Yamuna, so that at least the most of the solid waste is withheld from entering the river. This project can only take place when there aren’t high floods.

Cleaning along the river bank in the Vrindavan area all the way up to the Samadhi of Devraha Baba is being conducted by Helping Hands for Vrindavan and other volunteers.

Chandi Heffner together with Mr. Gill and some the volunteers form Vrindavan Braj and Vrindavan Heritage have made great efforts to bring the Yamuna back to the Keshi Ghat by placing a large amount of sand bags in the river.

The project was initially successful but was later destroyed by the monsoon floods. Some engineering measures need to be implemented in order to have the Yamuna River run properly in front of Kesi Ghat without the black waters of Vrindavan pouring into the river. The removal of the cement pillars that are sticking out of the Yamuna is also necessary because they are blocking the Vrindavan front from the Yamuna waters, and driving the water away from Vrindavan.