One sad story is that even though laws are being approved by the judges of the local supreme courts of the state which are being passed down to the local administration; authorities are doing little or nothing about it.

It has not been even clearly promoted everywhere that plastic bags pollute, despite so many efforts and attempts to ban plastic bags no actions are being taken by the government. There are no restrictions about road construction in general and there are no solutions to the encroachment problems. Some authorities can be negligent and the public is allowed do whatever they want creating more problems for others.

This is a very serious situation, because if laws are made and we struggle to enforce these laws, but nobody is obeys them, so what is the use of having laws? Nevertheless, this situation could be easily improved by the government if they would become more interested in caring for the environment of Vrindavan.

Let us all join in working very hard to improve this situation by being stricter. The citizens should also demand this, because even though they have to suffer a certain degree of abuse and it’s easy to abuse certain situations, they alone are suffering the impact of careless administration regarding abuses. So, we hope this may improve our avocation for enactment and for creating appropriate laws.