Water treatment + traffic management and reforestation proposal

This special proposal gives an idea of how the polluted/black water of Vrindavan could be canalized along the ghats without touching the waters of the Yamuna and diverted to the Kumbha mela grounds. At these grounds the water could be processed through various purifications systems and techniques enabling larger parts of dirt to be removed. This water could also be put through some natural filter systems so that this purified water could be let back into the Yamuna.Unfortunately at this point, the tank systems in place at the  Kumbha mela grounds will not be effective in the monsoon unless very high walls are build and they are converted into sophisticated tanks of STP (water purification) quality.

On the other side of the Yamuna a green park is the need of the hour. This would help recreate the forests of Vrindavan which would be reminiscent of earlier times.

Also in the same map there is a proposed car parking behind the trees. This is where people could park their cars when they visit Vrindavan. A simple bridge like the Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh can be created so that rickshaws, hand cycles etc could take people to the inner part of the city or their favourite temple in Vrindavan. This system would both be visually appealing and will keep Vrindavan free from traffic jams which are destroying the ability to walk around Vrindavan.

water treatment - traffic management and reforestation proposal