Water treatment and extended parikrama path proposal

The Keshi Ghat is one the most visited holy places in Vrindavan.  Each evening pilgrims and brijvasis gather here to worship Sri Yamuna Devi (the sacred river where Sri Krishna played) with flowers, incense and ghee lamps for more than an hour.

Our team has developed a proposal to improve the situation of the Yamuna River where sewage water is being discharged into the river, right in front of this pilgrimage place.

The proposal consists of the construction of a new footpath on the stairs of the ghat that includes underground filters at different levels, to clean the stagnant waters. This will in turn improve the parikrama path for the visitors and also enable the filtering the water that flows into the river guaranteeing a clear and beautiful view of our beloved Yamuna ji


watter treatment and extended parikrama path proposal