Braj Mandal should be protected all around and should have different facilities specially designated for the pilgrims. It is mandatory to bring back the village’s lifestyle as it was at the time of Lord Krishna and to abilitate places where people can meet the sadhus who are giving classes under the trees and can also conduct Govardhan parikrama. It is also important to have a place where Krishna’s lilas dramas, which are very popular in Vrindavan, can be performed.

Taking inspiration from the Chokhi Dhani chain that exists in Rajasthan where native and foreign people can learn about the traditional culture, art, food, architecture, etc., we firmly believe Braj Mandal should also offer to the world a complete introspection of Sri Krishna’s lilas.

It is imperative that we also protect the local wildlife, forests, local temples, senior citizens and  sadhus, which make up the many aspects that make the holy dham so especial. This beauty is what inspired the popular phrase “I lost my heart at Vrindavan;” therefore, it is up to us, those who value Vrindavan’s significance, to protect all of these key aspects.

In order to preserve our culture heritage, we also think that Sanskrit institutes should be established with support from the government. To go further into preserving ancient techniques, local traditional farming should be encouraged and supported.

Preserving Braj’s natural ecosystem is crucial to maintaining its beauty. In order to tackle this problem we believe that plastic cups, plastic plates, polyethylene bags and other non biodegradable items should be banned. There are two main reasons for this, cultural and environmental, the first is that plastic items do not belong to our traditional culture of potters and crafter, and the most important reasons of all, is that all plastic elements pollute and contaminate all of Braj Mandal, from its water sources, to the soil to the air every Brijvasi breathes. Plastic poses a very serious health hazard in Vrindavan and all over India. It is our responsibility to preserve this marvelous place, and inaction can not be accepted.

Additionally, cows being holy as they are should be carefully protected. There are already some exemplary goshalas in Vrindavan, where the cows are safe and protected. There people can go and have a truly inspirational and educational experience and really learn the value of protecting these holy animals. And just as important, is to create the spaces and facilities for our children, where they can have proper education and overall care.

So, Braj Vrindavan Act Now! was started on the basis of these ideas in order to encourage many people in India, in the industry, and in the government to make a solid investment in this holy place. That there should be protection from environmental hazards and that all solid waste should be either recycled properly or taken out from the city so when visitors come, they could have a truly inspirational and life changing experience, not be confronted with waste in the waterways and the land. If action can be taken to preserve Braj Mandal we could actually be making a huge contribution to society and mankind, where people can actually go deep in their atman meditation without any danger to their health.

This proposal was shown and approved by Shri Mohan Bhagwat Ji. He very much appreciated these efforts and asked the BVAN! team to take it to the Minister of Culture and Tourism to get their support for the project. We ask for your kind support as well.

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mohan bhagavat signing

Shri Mohan Bhagwat Ji signing the proposal for a Protected Braj Mandal