Also called Vrishabhanupura, Varsana gram is the village where Vrishabhanu Raja lived with his family and his beloved daughter Srimati Radharani.


After performing arduous worship during Satya-yuga, Lord Brahma requested the Supreme Lord Krishna for the boon of beholding His pastimes with the braja-gopis, specially the swing pastimes during rainy season and the holy festival in spring. Pleased with him, Lord Krishna instructed Lord Brahma to go to Vrishabhanupura and take the form of a hill, this is the Brahma-parvata on Varsana.

The name of the palace where Srimati Radharani lived is Sriji Mandir and the surrounding area is full of pastime places such as Maan-mandir (where Sri Radha goes when is angry with Sri Krishna),  Sankari-khor (a place full of pastimes between gopas and gopis) and Priya-kunda, among others.

The yearly holi festival reminds us of the sweet powerful importance of Sri Radhika, the queen of Braja-mandala.



This is the famous Sriji Mandir and surrounding temples where Radharani spent her childhood pastimes after she was born originally in Raval. This place is very visited by so many pilgrims. And its very painful to see that even on this holiest shrines, the pilgrims drops tons of garbage and it goes down the holy mountains side which is absolutely unnecessary and very embarrassing to take anybody to see that situation.