Sri Krsna Mandir can be constructed everywhere, it also should be understood thar even our bodies are temples because the Lord in the form of Paramatma resides in a throne of our heart and he is a expansion of Lord Krsna.

One of the greatest teachers, Sripad Prabhupada Bhaktisidhanta Sarasvati Thakura, said : “I want to establish a temple in the heart of everyone”

So it is very often undertaken the Krsna mission around the world to stablish shirnes and sancturys in the contryside or cities so the people can take darshan of the deity of Lord Krsna, listen to his teachings, Hari Katha, the glories about Him, and take the remanents of His food, prasadam, and became purified and then get inspired to do some devotional service to increase the Lord’s fame and glory, to be spreaded to every corner of the planet.