Sri Krishna and the children

DamodarThe website created by multiple artists in Germany, is full of valuable jewels for our children to know more about Vedic culture and become more attached to Lord Sri Krishna.

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It has been noticed all around the world that the education about Lord Krsna and Dharma for the young children and the young grown ups is lacking in quantity and quality. To do that they have no other chance to estudy all the modern things wich we can find in our technologic world like videogame and etc.

Children love Lord Krsna teachings,  they just have to be exposed to then in a way that is challengind their intellectual as well

On this website we find a collection of a certain amount of sweet education material related to Sri Krsna, from coloring to puzzles, movies, inputs from young artists and many more stuff.

We consider this site much less, and if you have more material please share with us!