Govinda Kunda

This place is called Govinda Kunda. Even the king of Heaven, Lord Indra, became envious when Lord Krsna manifested His childhood pastimes. He challenged His authority and Lord Krsna teased him and said to the Vrajbasis to make offerings to the Govardhan Hill instead off Indra Dev wich is right next to Govinda Kund.

Initial relucted, Nanda Baba then agreed to do so, and this enraged Lord Indra who said “how this small boy can stop my offering? I will give him a lesson”.

And then he appeared with the thunder and lightening to destroy Vrindavan. This is the symbol of soluls envious of Sri Krsna. Even though He is the Lord and gives everybody their necessities to live as individual souls, some wants to became separated rulers and by madness can even attack God himself, like Indra Dev did with Vrindavan (wich is non different of Sri Krsna)

Indra Realises his Mistake


And Indra, the king of the heaven, knowing the offence he had committed he came down and he placed his golden crown on the lotus feet of Shri Gopal and he explained to Krishna that You are so kind, You are so merciful, You always protect the promise that You will never neglect Your devotee. And because of my position as the ruler of all the demigods, because all living beings on this entire earth depend on me for rain, because of the wonderful palace, the beautiful wife, the wonderful luxuries that I have been given due to my post, the king of heaven, I have become proud.

And in my pride my spiritual advancement has been blocked. And I have been so intoxicated by this condition that I didn’t even know it. But Your great mercy, Your great kindness is that You never forget Your devotee. And You have curbed my pride, You have again reminded me that I am only the insignificant servant, aspiring to be the dust of Your… Your lotus feet. And then, the elephant carrier, Airavata, with the water of the Ganges, offered abhishek to Shri Krishna. That is why on this day, as we saw earlier, we perform the abhishek ceremony for Lord Krishna. And then the Surabhi cows of Vrindavan out of their gratitude they also offered the abhishek with the limitless milk of which was coming out of love and bathed Krishna.