Munger Raj Award

History of Munger

Munger is a historical place often mentioned in Vedic scriptures. Its history dates back to the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Duryodhana gave Karna the province of Munger to govern. Everyday Karna used to distribute 42 kilos of gold from a mountain there. From that mountain is a view of the sacred Ganges River winding through the beautiful countryside. Right on the river is the Kastharni-ghat with a very nice temple of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra.

Inside the city of Munger is the palace constructed by Sri Raghunandana Prasad Singh. Next to the palace he built a very beautiful combined temple of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and Lord Shiva. The kingdom of Munger extended all the way to the border of Nepal and into large tracts of the Jarikhanda forest. It is a beautiful tropical area with gigantic forests, jungles, agricultural fields and rolling hills.

Royal service to the holy dham

The Raja Raghunandana Prasad Singh wanted to expand his family service to the holy city of Vrindavan and secured land on the Mathura road for that purpose. According to the royal tradition of those times, the family established a beautiful temple, dharamsala and gosala for service to Braja. Their lordships Sri Sri Radha Mohanji and their favorite accompanying gopis, Lalita, Vishakha, Citra and Campakalata were installed on a silver throne, surrounded by beautiful gardens of kadamba and tamal trees. After Raja Raghunandana Prasad Singh, his son Rajkumar Ananta Prasad, took the leadership of the mandir.

The renunciation of the king

While visiting his elder son in United States, Ananta Prasad Singh also traveled to South America, where his life of chanting and speaking about Krishna began, to the joy of everyone.

In Colombia in 1997, Raja Ananta Prasad Singh took the vows of sannyasi, receiving the name of Sripad Bhaktivedanta Sadhu Maharaja. Since then he has dedicated much of his time to spreading the glories of Braj Mandal and the Holy Name of Krishna. To continue the sacred work of his grandfather and serve the principles of sanatan dharma for the upliftment of the people in the world, he is lecturing and counseling devotees from many different missions.

The award

Inspired to reward all those who have performed selfless service to Sri Vrindavan dham, the Raja of Munger, Sri Ananta Prasad Singh (Sri B.V. Sadhu Maharaja), started the Rajaward in connection with The Vrindavan Institute for Vaishnava Culture and Studies. The service is available to donors who have contributed to different NGO’s of temples.

The awards come in three categories:

  • 6.000 INR (USD 100) donated to Braj Vrindavan Act Now! or to other NGO working for the welfare of Braj receives the Red Munger Raj Friends of Humanity Award.
  • 3 Lak INR (USD 500) donated to Braj Vrindavan Act Now! or to other NGO working for the welfare of Braj receives the Golden Munger Raj Patron Award.
  • 6 Lak INR (USD 1000) donated to Braj Vrindavan Act Now! or to other NGO working for the welfare of Braj receives the Ganga-blue Munger Raj Guardian Award.

Any special seva to Braj-Vrindavan can give you an award chosen by the award Committee. Each award and how the donation is being spent will be reported in the Munger Raj Award website.

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