Pawan Sarovar2Pavana means purifying and sarovar means lake. Thus, it is the lake where all the sins are purifying. It is the most sacred pond of Nadagao.

It is also said that Pavana Gopa (the father of Visakha Sakhi) constructed this lake, thereby giving it its name. When Sri Krishna and the gopas would return from cow grazing, they would bring the cows here to drink fresh water.

Once, Nanda Baba desired to go in pilgrimage to Prayag to take bath on the holy triveni sangam (the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati). Unwilling to be separated from his parents, Krishna advised his foster father to travel the next day, on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. Next morning, Nanda Maharaja woke up early and when he went to Pavana Sarovar to have his morning bath, he saw a black complexioned person with a huge personality who seemed a stranger to him. He told Nanda Baba that he was Tirtha Raj (the personification of all tirthas) and has come to wash of his sins on the Pavana Sarovar. Thus, he admired the sanctity of the Pavana Sarovar and decided not to visit Prayag for bathing as the Prayag Raj himself visits Pavana Sarovar for sacred bath to wash of the sins left by the pilgrims.

Braj-Vrindavan is the holiest of all the places, that is why we have to preserve the jewel of Braj’s heritage.