Literally means “stories of Hari (Krishna),” and it is a very typical composite art form composed of storytelling, poetry, music, drama, dance and philosophy. Expert hari-katha speakers capture the audience’s attention and are capable of educating the listeners in Vedic values. In this way, Hari-katha spreads the glories of the different avatars of Sri Krishna all around.

Some of the most recognized Hari-katha speakers of Krishna lila, Rama lila and Gaura lila are:

Sri Swami Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj
Sri Rameshbhai Ozha Ji
Sri Sant Morari Bapu Ji
Sri Devakinandan Thakur Ji Maharaj
Sri Pundrik Goswami Ji Maharaj
Sri Devi Chitralekha Ji, among many others

The daily Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita lectures devotees of Lord Krishna given in the different temples around the world are also examples of Hari-katha. Likewise, the words spoken by the Lord in the scriptures as well as the words spoken about Lord Krishna and His divine teachings are also Hari-katha.