State Governments Act Now!

The state government of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have great responsibility in the development of harmonious tourism in the Braj Mandal area. Furthermore, the protection of cultural heritage of the area should be an important item in their agendas. Click each item to know in what way the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan can Act Now! for Braj-Vrindavan.

Uttar Pradesh Government

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Act Now to develop Braj Mandal in the same way other pilgrimage sites of UP have been addressed!
– Plan to develop tourism in the cities of Mathura and Govardhan in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and culture of Braj Mandal, placing them as examples of cultural and historical heritage in India.
– Recognize that these three cities possess a cultural and historical heritage of more than five thousand years and work to give them the status of heritage sites, just like other sites in the region (such as the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort in Agra).
– Restore and properly preserve the banks of the Yamuna River, starting in front of Madan Mohan Mandir up to Sansar Ghat, making it a clean, beautiful and a safe place for pilgrims to receive the darshan of Yamuna Ma.
– Create a special unit of guards specialized in protecting pilgrims and visitors under the coordination of the Superintendent of Police (SP). They must safeguard the pilgrimage areas so that they remain clean, preventing visitors from throwing garbage in these areas.
– Establish special protected zones on the pilgrimage places so that buildings and sites which represent the Braj’s heritage can be properly safeguarded. The same should be apply to Braj’s forests, kunjas, sacred hills and lakes. There are many construction companies which are interested only in making money and not in the welfare and conservation of the dham.

Act Now to keep Braj green and clean!
– Improve the sanitation system in the city of Vrindavan, covering open sewers and preventing its black waters from flowing into the Yamuna River. At the same time, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) should be activated and properly maintained. The BVAN team has developed a proposal for the treatment of sewage in Vrindavan, which can be seen here
– Quickly resolve the critical environmental situation Vrindavan is currently facing. Today the city does not have a suitable place for garbage disposal nor an efficient collection system, so in most public places of pilgrimage of Vrindavan there are open dumps that are a danger to sanitation and the health of the inhabitants.
– Urgently establish an efficient waste collection system, transportation, classification, and a recycling plant for all types of waste.

MVDA should also Act Now!
– Avoid the massive construction of buildings which are not being properly planned and do nothing more than pollute the groundwater and cut off the forests and kunjas of Braj.

Rajasthan Government

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Act Now so that Rajasthan can become an example of protection for the heritage of Braj Mandal!
– Reassert the importance of the area of the 84 kos parikrama of Braj Mandal which is located within the State of Rajasthan, declaring it a World Heritage Site and granting special protection to each of the holy sites located in this area. In the same way that the Keoladeo National Park is now protected by UNESCO under this category.
– Expand the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan program by activating a special plan for cleaning and controlling the health aspect in the pilgrimage sites of Braj Mandal within the state, especially in Adi Badrinath and Adi Kedarnath.