We are those who love Braj Mandal.

“We want to assure that this unique place of humanity will be protected for the glory and happiness of the Brajvasis, all visitors, all Hindus and all those who love Mother Nature”.

We want to assure that this unique place of humanity will be protected for the glory and happiness of the Brajvasis, all visitors, all Hindus and all those who love Mother Nature.

Join us by belonging a member and receive updates on the development of our project. All other improvements and efforts to clean and green Braj Mandal are appreciated by us. We want the government to take the steps that all local groups of interest can participate in the UP keep of the Brajmandal Dani.

The BrajMandal cultural heritage sanctuary and the Vrindavan institute of Vaishnava culture and studies (Aksaya Patram) as a volunteer support to the government of India and The Visva Hindu Parijat.

Frequently questions and answers:

The whole history about Vrindavan is about questions and answers The Srimad Bhagavatam talking to Pariksit maharaj and Suta Goswami is the collection of question and answers.

Now when we come to “Vraj Vrindavan Act Now” there are so many questions and there is so many literature we can refer to which can help us to answer this questions.



Q: How do I participate in the efforts of Vrindavan Act Now?

A: Please study the website Vrindavan Act Now very carefully. When you find any item where you have any special interest, please try to connect those organization wide involved with these items. Send letters to Hema Malini and to the local government and to your embassy requesting them to act. The more letters will be sent from all kind of areas towards the encouragement of Vrindavan Act Now, the more they will realize they have to do something about it.

Sometimes on some issues we may have signature campaigns, but the most important is getting actually involved yourself. Because Vrindavan Act Now it is everyone’s action, and since everyone can only speak for himself, so the best is to be yourself the one who is getting into action. Of course you can also try to donate to those who are doing some active service for Vrindavan or you can try to become a volunteer in any of the projects going on in Vrindavan.



Q: Why is the government not doing anything about all these things?

A: This is the question all of us have. It must be due to the materialistic influence after partitioning in the political priorities that religious preservation got outside and democratic system are haunting for votes of Christians and Muslims minorities giving many many many benefits to them all over. But neglecting the Hindu history and the Hindu shrines, which led to the very unhappy neglect on many levels and in Vrindavan it can be fell specially.



Q: Why the vrajavasis neglect the beauty of Vrindavan?

A: It is not true. Most vrajavasis, specially the country people, are very clean and keep the fields and houses very clean. It is mostly the tourist influx and it is the waste which comes over the river all the dirty waters flying in the Yamuna and being brought by the winds. So all in all, there are many residues as such. But nevertheless cleanliness is next to godliness and everybody should become part of the solution, especially when it comes to his own waste.



Q: Is Vrindavan Act Now is only concerned with the actually fiscally location of Vrindavan?

A: No. It is our wish that Vrindavan may be recognize all over the world and that shrines such as New Vrindavan and different temples may be erected for the study of Lord Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita and the holy kirtan which purifies the consciences in this age may be erected in many places of the world so that the whole world will be benefited. We have heard some teacher saying that Vrindavan is a state of conciseness we should along for attaining. And many such countries and ashrams and city temples has erected all around the world ever since A.C Bhaktividanta Swami Prabhupada started this worldwide Krishna bhakti campaign which is now continued by many other teachers of the sacred teaching of Krishna.



Q: Why should I participate to Act on behalf of Vrindavan?

A: Vrindavan is not only an example for Sanatan Dharma (all the proper behavior of people in this world). It is also a holy center for peace and understanding the philosophy of love. Therefore, Lord Krishna is also known of the Lord of Love and His invitation to all the souls to join Him in His eternal Vrindavan is so sweet and so important that it will create a greater desire in people who know about that, to qualifies for the perfection of life and to meet with Lord Krishna at a certain point of their existence.