Beloved friend of my heart, you are a pilgrim, you are a Yatri , you are a fortunate soul, you’re touching the soil where Krsna and Radharani run around with all the pure devotees, you come to the land of great scriptures emanated and where the dharma was cherished and celebrated. You came to the place where the holy kalpa vriksa grow, and where holy pond have been blessing the pure devotees and the lord himself you that have come here, worshiple friend and well wisher of humanity, you have made your way to take upon yourself, to purify yourself with the dust of lord Krsna, Vraja.

Now we request you, be grateful to what you have received from others with special care, cleanly and compassion which you can perceive here shown you look how the people live here in the holy Dham of Lord Krsna therefore, your own activity should be noticed, be part of the solution, be the change you want to see, so lets clean up, lets request everybody in charge that the things are being made nicely and report if there are any help that we can make to make it go nicely that you for being part of Braj Vrindavan Act Now! anything you day will be appreciated, any day of volunteer work, any donation, any signature campaign, anything you do… If our mother and it is the sacred land ofVraja and to look after her is our sacred duty.