Religious leaders Act Now!

Most revered, Mahantas, Bhagavata speakers, and other with religious feelings, who care for Vrindavan, who have seen the glories of Vrindavan spreading all around the world in your lifetime now you al re also a part of this, maybe now you have name and fame and control many donations to vrindavan from those who have faith on you and the holy teachings of the holy Krsna  – how its possible that our temples are so huge opulent and right in the streets the neglected outstanding is so visible? This can not be.

We all should be part of the solution demanding of our authorities that they take the appropriate solution if the y need money we should raise money to them so they can do it. it should be no excuse to be accepted when we are asking for help we should not find indifference but jointed cooperation because only then we can claim that we are really religious committed with the essence of Sri Krsna teachings to the world trough his own appearance.

Of all sampradayas if people don’t find peace and cleanlesly in Vrindavan without excessive noisy, then all our preaching will go vain. Peaople will say that we are just making a show for fame and name, they wont believe us, because we are not taking care of our mother Yamuna and Vraj. So, Vraj Vrindavan Act Now! request to all of you to put attention that the mistakes of the past will be corrected, already we have seen that are some parikrama groups that are using stainless plates and cups, take a big festival and leave without any item of dirty behind. This ave to be done. You have to look to this, because you are responsible for the dirty that you leave behind. They will disturb your bhajan. And you should be exemplary as well. How can we expect that general tourist to be care full if we see that even devotees groups are behaving in an appropriate standard?