Industries and traders Act Now!

The commerce with civic responsibility in Vrindavan is not appropriated because even though many people have become wealthy by the amount of tourist coming to Vrinvadan most of then don’t pay any taxes and they just become many wealthy and dons share anything for healing the local environment. That is very sad. And also he interests is also not very high because not even the government is truly aware of the situation.

So they say “why should we do if not even the government is doing?” and both together are being responsible for encroaching. The big industries are not so much inside Vraj, but they product are in all Braj, so they have social and civic responsibility to contra act the contamination by the packing material which comes with the products, or the contaminated waters which directly in indirectly affect the Vraj region so a great care should happen so that they will not be offending against the holy land of Vraj and mother earth as well offences against women, kids, old people, men, when they come in contact with those industrial not appropriate discard abuse.

So we request all of then to be very intensively involved in sponsoring anything of the activities promoted by Braj Vrindavan act now! by helping those who is doing the work, being government or NGOs, or create his own groups of activist, and participate that is the best way to invest in vrindavan but personally coming here to see what do you want to do is actually getting done this kind of monitoring or auditory of local charities identifies a very healthy output and understanding that some industries business have good amount firms systems should be quite easy for then to apply they wisdom and to have a very transparent management and as well we need the government to be involved because sometimes in the name of fame or to get improvement we may find some changes in the environment that are not appropriate according to the traditional of how our landscape should be maintained


Big industries
Local traders