Beloved followers of Bharata Mata, all together we have a huge community around the world believing in the good, in the beautiful, in the useful, in the auspicious, and everybody in this world should be happy and without exploitation sufferings, this is our tradition, we receive from our spiritual teachers, now its time to act on behalf of the holiest places, for the teachings of the original master, Sri Krsna.

Other appearance of the divine in this world left behind greats treasures to look behind, just like Lord Rama in Ayodhya, like Lord Shiva in Kashi, Bhadrinath at Himalayas,  Gangotri and Yamunotri, just like the holy places of Kumbha Mela, Haridwar, Alalabhad and others. Should always be protected as a tradition of sacred routes.

And when it comes to Vrindavan we should stand united. Is the essence of our route, and therefore we request that humbly donate, participate, activate your conections, make your voices been heard! Impeccably. At least at national park where people go to see original beauty, and in this way all can have a good destination when visiting India, impeccable, uncomparisson standards of beauty.

Please help us, all the Hindus in the world. How wonderful it is to be under the guidance of the Krsna Lila, Bhagavata Katha , which can clean our heart undesirable elements.