District Government Act Now!

District Governments are responsible for maintaining order and the smooth functioning of their assigned area, so their function is key when it comes to making Braj Mandal an example of a green, clean and organized tourist city. In this way, pilgrims and visitors can enjoy a unique experience and lose their heart in Braj even more. Click the item to know in what way the Mathura District Government can Act Now! for Braj-Vrindavan.

Mathura District Government

Link to Mathura District Government: mathura.nic.in

Act Now to keep Braj Mandal organized, green and clean!
– Establish a “fine system” for local people and pilgrims in order to control pollution and other disorders, i.e. littering: minimum fine 3,000 INR, throwing garbage into the river: 6,000 INR plus social service hours (minimum two days picking up garbage), repeated noise pollution (pointing speakers towards public areas): 3,000 INR, obstructing traffic by parking in unauthorized places: 6,000 INR, cutting a tree without authorization: 5,000 INR.
– Establish a “fine system” for Municipalities too so they have to pay when garbage is dumped in unauthorized places or they don’t empty out the trash cans.
– Encourage and engage in reforestation of Braj Mandal in an active way. The word Vrindavan means forest and there are twelve main sacred forests in Braj along with 24 groves but most of them have been cut down. Lately, even more trees had to give up their lives for road widening. Special areas should be purchased for the specific reason of creating forests again and fines should be given to anybody who cuts trees without a special permission.
– Publish guidelines for each individual environmental difficulty the Dham may be facing, in order to explain the procedure required to clean the environment by providing the government’s instructions with clear visuals so that the illiterate can understand as well. These booklets can be financed with advertisement and should be made available for free to the pilgrims in the temples to raise environmental awareness.

Act Now to protect Braj’s heritage and to educate the local people and pilgrims on those issues!
– Make an official publication in all the local languages to be given out for free to the businesses and schools where the new standards of Dham protection are promoted every day, along with other relevant news. This publication shall inform the people about the values and the ways to increase their physical, mental and intellectual health and to preserve the local tradition. This publication can also offer space to the Bhagavatacaryas so that they won’t have the need to put up their big posters all over town creating tremendous visual pollution.

Act Now to improve the traffic system of Braj Mandal!
– Restrict the movement of vehicles in critical areas. Delivery trucks should only be allowed at night time. Special permits may be issued for handicapped, but visiting cars must be strictly restricted to the parking areas and from there they can move by foot or by riksha. Racing bicycles and motorbikes should definitely be fined 1,000 INR any time that a pedestrian denounces that he or she has been put into discomfort by the speedy drivers.
– Make good access roads and parking facilities for the main shrines of Vrindavan, Govardhan, Radha Kunda, Varsana, Nanda Gao, Raval and Baldeo. BVAN team has developed traffic proposal for Vrindavan city, available here.