Central Government Act Now!

The Central Government of Bharat (India) has the power to implement major improvements for the sake of Braj Mandal and its inhabitants, but it is necessary that the leaders of the respective departments take action on the matter. Click each item to know in what way the Central Government of Bharat can Act Now! for Braj-Vrindavan.

Culture and tourism Ministry

Link to Culture Ministry: indiaculture.nic.in
Link to Tourism Ministry: tourism.gov.in

Act Now to protect Braj’s culture!
– Establish a special status for the area of Braj Mandal that recognizes its cultural and patrimonial importance.
– Support the development and protection of the main pilgrimage sites that are within the 84 kos parikrama of Braj Mandal.
– Declare Vrindavan, Mathura, Govardhan and many other areas of Braj Mandal as World Heritage Sites.
– Develop cultural events that promote the lively culture of Braj Dham.

Act Now to improve Braj’s tourism!
– Restrict the movement of vehicles in critical areas. Delivery trucks should only be allowed at night time. Special permits may be issued for handicapped, but visiting cars must be strictly restricted to the parking areas and from there they can move by foot or by riksha. Racing bicycles and motorbikes should definitely be fined 1,000 INR any time that a pedestrian denounces that he or she has been put into discomfort by the speedy drivers.
– Make good access roads and parking facilities for the main shrines of Vrindavan, Govardhan, Radha Kunda, – Varsana, Nanda Gao, Raval and Baldeo. BVAN team has developed traffic proposal for Vrindavan city, available here.
– Develop a proper pilgrimage guidebook where the main sacred places along with their importance are described. It is also necessary to include a section with recommendations on how to visit a sacred place properly.

Act Now to protect the sanctity of the dham!
– Strictly ban the selling of liquor, meat and eggs in the dham.
– Strictly ban any kind of animal slaughter in the dham.

Water resources and Ganga rejuvenation Ministry

Link to Ministry: wrmin.nic.in

Act Now to protect the holy Yamuna river!
– Immediately stop sewer waste from flowing from the city of Vrindavan towards the Yamuna River.
– Guarantee that fresh water coming from Yamunottri should flow to the rest of the river in Haryana, Delhi, Mathura, Vrindavan and Agra. Additionally, a separate channel that collects sewer water from the banks of the Yamuna River should be constructed as soon as possible. (For more information visit: saveyamuna.org)

Forest, environment and climate change Ministry

Link to Ministry: envfor.nic.in

Act Now to protect the sanitation of Braj Mandal and the health of the brijvasis!
– Quickly resolve the critical environmental situation Vrindavan is currently facing. Today the city does not have a suitable place for garbage disposal nor an efficient collection system, so in most public places of pilgrimage of Vrindavan there are open dumps that are a danger to sanitation and the health of the inhabitants.
– Urgently establish an efficient waste collection system, transportation, classification, and a recycling plant for all types of waste.
– Expand this initiative to other areas of Braj Mandal such as Govardhan, Varsana, Nanda Gao and Raval Gram.

Act now to protect the holy kalpa-vriksas of Braj Mandal and to reforest the Dham!
– Reforest the banks of the Yamuna River on the opposite side, starting with the sector in front of Madan Mohan Mandir up to Devraha Baba Mandir.
– Develop massive campaigns to introduce principles of ecological protection in the Dham, such as organic farming, planting native trees, environmental education, etc.