Brijvasis Act Now!

Children and Youth
Teach the children in school to be a good example so that they will teach the parents that have not learned yet to stop the mass ant stopping irresponsible we have a tourism heaven to look after and this has to be with very nice spiritual background and super healthy environment so let us start at schools use a natural rebellious and activist way, get the use in it, if the elders sees that you are caring about, then they will be very disturbed and will actually become a powerful push against the abuse this has been seen in other parts of the world, that the youth once became aware of the abuse going on and push for a better future
All the women at the holy Dham is the holy mother they should give us guidance and home everywhere and also they should be very care with the plastic, that destroys everything you have inside, and contaminates the land, be careful with all that, join together, protect the seed and use natural fertilizer.

And the farmers, our greatest friends, who are maintaing the fields, getting the food for us to eat, those farmers should understand that they have been cheated when they were given chemical fertilizers under the name of giving medicine to the plants so they would more healthy, they have been cheated and have to be informed that this also will ruin the ground, the soil and also the water. And for who is buying is very unbearable and fortunately exists others ways to make the soil strong, with the appropriate fertilizers and technique for the farm.

So it has been advertised to then just under the name of interest of profits, of some companies selling some artificial fertilizes. Even now, oxitocin has been used inn vrindavan farms to make grow vegetables, but this is a very bad – the consequences we already know that are very bad to the people. So our farmers brothers and sisters, its better to have good healthy that wealthy, to be a very sweet Brijvasi, instead of be a person that can not even look at the face of his child knowing he is part the polluted and contaminated system. And we are your children, we are all children of the farmers.


Goshalas of Vrindavan and those who look after then it is very important that cows are truly protected. And that those gossips that peoples talks that in Vrindavan Goshalas, the cows are sold at night to slaughter houses and other places this is very bad, this should never happen. We have to look after Lord Krsna sacred place, we have to protect the cows even if these means to have less milk, or milk products.
If its necessary then this have to be done.
Otherwise if we can protect the cows properly and the milk is offered to the Lord it can be taken as render of mercy and prasadam of the lord so let us all rise our hands for the Goshalas of the holy land of Vrindavan!
Dear professional Brijvasis, please make people that the world is coming to vrindavan and needs to be received that Krsna Bhakti is above of all and that this should be awaken inside the heart those fill who speaks English and can communicated with the international pilgrims also, let us all be gratefull with what Sri Krsna gives us, his name and fame, so broadly people around the world, and hey have to be received with very much care, so they bring back to theirs homes with vrindavan inside them, with good feeling, with heart to heart relationship,