Activists & researches Act Now!

Environmental activists
Help Braj Vrindavan Act Now! and give solutions help each individual to understand what it means lest made vrindavan the environmental example like ii was supposed to be when Vrinvadan was choose like the model of eco city, the program later was shifted to bad administration by the pollution of national border politics in Delhi.

We are environmentalist activist for the service of our divine mother nature so be part of it, use your knowledge, use your intelligence and spread the enthusiasm.

Animal protection activists
Vrindavan also needs you, people need to be educated more about the beauty of the fauna and flora that surrounds us. must be a dignify position that sometimes take place and sometime doesn’t take place but anyway that vrindavan should be an example of how to live in harmony with the animals including the monkeys.
Please find out if there is something for which we don’t have the solution yet, be part of the solution of the research to find it and then to applied some scientist have looked into the water situation and how to clean it up. Thank you for acting now with us!